Winter time in good old Germany

Finally some proper winter arrived in Saxony and whilst I had a stopover there I thought it might be a good idea to go outside, enjoy some winter sun and play in the snow.

With a bit of fortune on my side, I got my hands on the keys for a X5 40d xDrive for this weekend. To say the least, this thing is furious and sheer fun to drive.

Well done BMW.

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Have a good one!

2016 has again been a busy year with a lot of trips and new places to see, meeting interesting people, living a petrol infused spirit and make memorable moments.

Apologies for not sharing more of this years trips with you, but I´d like to give you a better footage for the next years events. Some very interesting spots are on in my mindthat need thorough considering during the festive days.

If you want to go fast, go alone.

o-maticIf you want to go far, go together. o-matic2

Have a merry christmas and a happy new year. See you in 2017!

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MZ ETZ 150. A story to be continued.

I went to have a look at my old trusty ETZ150 waiting in the garage. It´s been quite a while already since I spent time with it on the road, but this is one of the bikes that´ll always come back at me. Years went by and after having a closer look an overhaul sounds reasonable. I decided to pick up the good things from the past projects and bring all of it into this new project.


I want to get a bit off the worn path. Rather than opting for a long distance bike, this time i want to go for a scrambler/offroad bike. Stay tuned for the next updates. 🙂

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The North: Scotland roadtrip

Being located in the UK, it makes sense to think of visiting places that are nearby. Therfore I starting thinking of a roadtrip through Scotland with my mates. Beginning of May was the day when we were reunited in the Kingdom. The next day we started on a trip straight to the north.

After couple of hours driving we hit Edinburgh. We were lucky and finished our tour through the old city centre without getting soaking wet. The following days we spent looking at the stunning wild countryside while passing Glencoe, driving around Skye, trying to hike to Man of Storr (nope, rain and heavy wind while being halfway through…). We decided to head further north to see the town Ullapool.

The 320i did the job very well, and the xDrive was good to have under this wet conditions. After this about 2000miles can recommend it as a suitable for a roadtrip. We´ve had a blast during that week!

However, the next trip will lead me to the South. Fingers crossed, less rain and more sun this time. 😉

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50km Mnisek pod Brody

Last weekend the 50km run in Mnisek pod Brdy (Czech Republic) took place. After 3 years of absence, beginning of this year I had the feeling it might be time to see if one would be still able to do it.

WP_20160416_015With a bit of just 2 month training things went astonishing well during the competition. For 35km I found a running mate (Arnd) with whom I had a truly great time.  Even though there was a bit of a breakdown at km37 and there´ve been tough times until the finish line, it was a great experience again.

Old, but still true: long distance is love.

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Hey folks,

it´s been a while again, but I eventually managed to get some pictures of my trip to China online. To get an idea of Shenyang during (mild) winter, please find the following images. I had a great time there and hopefully will be able to come back in a not too far away time. Spending some time in China during spring or summer sounds quite interesting to me. 🙂

Shenyang – day & night

IMG_0946 IMG_0963 IMG_0970 IMG_0972


Bei Ling Park

IMG_0975 IMG_0985 IMG_0988 IMG_0997


Chinese new year

IMG_1009 IMG_1020 IMG_1030



IMG_1051 IMG_1054 IMG_1055


Going back



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Chinese new year

Happy new year everyone – tonight is going to be f***ing awesome!

My impression is that the Chinese can´t wait for midnight – starting this morning you can hear fireworks exploding and sounds of big bangs taking place all over the city.

The locals seem to be very excited and amused that we want to participate on the celebration and found it very funny to see a Laowei buying firecrackers. We got a couple of different firecrackers from a stand beside the street (firework here is sold exclusively on the street stands) and are now just waiting for the night to come. 

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my USB cable of the camera, so I can´t post pictures that for sure might be worth it. Anyway, I will document the Chinese new year as good as possible and post the images after my return.

祝您一切顺利,我新雅尔薛福成  – all the best for you!

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Having a blast – operation tank

This weekend, operation tank took place.
It was a weekend filling night and day work, but the result is satisfying. 🙂

Thanks to my buddy for the help!
Otherwise the result wouldn´t be possible in this time.

We started with wrapping:


After this, hours and hours of grinding:


But somehow we did it, and could finally start the paintjob in RAL 6003.










From now, while the paint is dried it isn´t far to the finish line. Just fixing some minor issues on the paintjobs and removing the wrapping.

Jep, so that´s what I call a tank … 😀

IMG_0080 IMG_0082















I`m sure, you will find quite more tank stories here soon.

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Today is the day we fight back! Against mass-surveillance!


Mankind, stand up for your human rights, or they will be gone forever! Mr. Snowden showed us what is happening RIGHT NOW! Awake and take part in the protests.

On the you find a list of events against mass-surveillance in countries all over the world. Save our privacy and stop Big Brother!

Every single voice counts! Be part of the revolution!

Germany has at least one event in Karlsruhe:

February 11th, 2014 at 6:30 PM
Details: Discuss strategies to take on mass surveillance at this meetup and salon at Alter Schlachthof 15, 76131 Karlsruhe, Germany.
Website: Facebook event

At the event, you can take part in the following lectures:

  • NSA – useful strategic answers
  • Cross commerce – from web to local
  • YOUTUBE VIRALS – infectious or deadly?

Looking forward to see you there, and hear your opinion about the Snowden revealing. This is the day we fight back!

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