Chinese new year

Happy new year everyone – tonight is going to be f***ing awesome!

My impression is that the Chinese can´t wait for midnight – starting this morning you can hear fireworks exploding and sounds of big bangs taking place all over the city.

The locals seem to be very excited and amused that we want to participate on the celebration and found it very funny to see a Laowei buying firecrackers. We got a couple of different firecrackers from a stand beside the street (firework here is sold exclusively on the street stands) and are now just waiting for the night to come. 

Unfortunately I forgot to bring my USB cable of the camera, so I can´t post pictures that for sure might be worth it. Anyway, I will document the Chinese new year as good as possible and post the images after my return.

祝您一切顺利,我新雅尔薛福成  – all the best for you!

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