Here your will get some information about my Audi history. To start with the RS blue all-day ride. It was an ’98 A6 4B Avant with an 2.8 V6 ALG engine . This is an early 4B, but the engine is supposed to last high mileages and has no big technical issues.

I bought the car with 158.000km on the gauge. In bit more than a year the car made it up to a mileage of 230.571km. That means a total of 72.571km so far.


Until now it had been in Denmark, Spain, Portugal, some eastern European countries and did a 10 days roadtrip through Morocco. Over all this distance, it never let me down. Even after the Africa trip, there were no technical issues at all. I went to the workshop for a general checkup and they demanded – nothing!


Despite all the potholes, bumps and other tortures, everything on this car is just fine!

As time goes by, expectations change and so I sold my trusty A6 and got my hands on a 4B Audi S6. This was the car that has been called „tank“ later on for reasons you can read in my older blog entries. 😀

This particular one in the end was quite high-miler with more than 340.000km the clock. I have got unforgettable memories on that car. It makes me still sad, not having this serious V8 sound anymore.

Let´s see what future brings and if the story of the 4 rings is to be continued.

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