It doesn’t need much to get itchy feet. In my case, it was the book „Jupiters travels“ written by Ted Simon. I devoured it and my aspiration awake.

IMGP2260During my studies, I started travelling with my MZ ETZ 150. We visited the North Cape and had been in Greece. Not just the destination is assessing what you are going to see and experience, but also the way you travel. On such a bike, you can be sure that you’ll get in contact with the locals who are living in faraway countries.

We had some really good years together. But time went by and somewhen, the old trusty MZ reached their limits. Travel objectives arose, that couldn’t be achieved by the little two stroker, or just under hard compromises.



Now after the studies, I began to enjoy long-distance travels by car. For sure, it’s not the same as travelling with a motorcycle. But it may also give you a pretty good time on the road. It’s always, what you make of it.

To keep in line, I have to be prepared for the spring time ´14. For this, there is a Honda NTV waiting in the garage.
As in the early autumn ´13 in Poland, I think this bike will set some new personal marks.

In December 2013 I organized a roadtrip around Morocco. A good friend joined in, and we decided to go as far as possible in Morocco. In numbers, just the journey to and from Africa took 5000km. After this, there were driving 3000km of African roads through mountains, deserts, oases and more in Morocco.

I tried a similar route once with my MZ, but to be honest. I was lucky to got stuck in Switzerland. Morocco, and even Spain, would´ve been a critical test for the ETz150.

But this is experience, and you never gonna know, if you don`t try.

Stay hungry, stay foolish!


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