km 230.560 – the beginning and the advance

the beginning

I was browsing through some old pictures, and suddenly found pictures of the day I bought my trusty Audi in December 2012.

What a great time did we have until today!

Im always wondering, what cheap old rides like this are able to endure. It get’s me thinking about my old ETZ150, which had also had its zeniths. Oh, the good old days…

the advance

Over the weekend, I got some major service done on the A6. At 230.000km, there were the timing belt with all parts around it on the list, waterpump, the fan belt and stuff. Also we found out, there has been a leak on the radiator. To say that – the leak is not a failure from the Morocco trip, it must have been there long before.

After all this work, the engine should be fine until 350.000km. And after nearly 16years of age, for me this car is still one of the all time long distance supercars.

So stay tuned. The next journeys will follow soon.  🙂

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Morocco : In conclusion

To sum up with, this has been the trip we always thought of. We were driving through a stunning landscape and made it through the Rif, passed the Atlas mountains, been to oases and got stuck in the sand of the desert just 20km away from the Algerian border.

Morocco is a land with more than 1000 faces. The land changes with every mile you take and get’s more and more breathtaking. At every stop, we always came in contact with utterly nice and friendly people. The hospitality in this country is beyond words.

Will we come back? Of course we will, because the African spirit we felt made a big impression on us. When time has come, the stars will show us the way to Maghreb.

Because the video editing will take some more time, today I´ll show you my favourite pictures in a Moroccan roadtrip slideshow. Have fun! 🙂

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Our last sightseeing stage on this journey through Morocco is El Jadia. And as Essaouira it’s located directly at the Atlantic ocean. After the breakfast we walked along the beach of El Jadida towards the old city. Arriving there, it was alot more calm in the old town than expected.

So we could get on the old city wall, look the harbour attached on the seaside and enjoy the sunny weather. We had a look into the Citerne Portugaise, which really is an interesting place in the old town.

About noon we’ve been back. As usual all our stuff had already been packed. So after fueling up und refilling about 0,8l 10W40 in the engine (quite ok for 5000km done so far), we started to the Spanish enclave Ceuta.

It was a total day trip of 470km. In the early evening hours we made up a nice accomodation in the city Ksar-Sghir, the „Hotel le petit poisson“. It has some cheap rooms and is run by a very nice and friendly old man. The kitchen delivers some really delicious sea food.

If winds of fate ever blow you to this place, take your time and try it. 🙂


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For our way back we decided to take the A1 route, straight to the north on nice highway tarmac. This is mostly like driving on a highway in Europe.

Roads in good shape, 2 or 3 lanes and mostly unremarkabale drivers. Indeed, there may be passengers crossing the highway, a dog searching for food, or you`ll find a Moroccan guy in a djeballah sleeping near the middle guide board. Africa.

Until Tamri we were driving at the seaside, then we left the coast until we hit Essaouira. It is an old coastal town with its narrow streets, archways and the vital fishing port.

Sadly, the weather was windy along with a clouded sky. We walked into the old city and took our views, but it was quite cold that day. Afterwards we have had lunch in a fish restaurant which was … alright.

Then we headed further North, until we reached the city of El Jadida in the evening hours. As always, being in Africa, being in traffic at night in a city is a pretty bad combination. We were looking for a hotel, but it seemed hopeless. Short before the emergency shutdown of the driver, we managed to find and check in to an ibis budget hotel.

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Zagora & Tazenakht

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Erg Chebbi dunes

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